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9-Week Program: From Zero to Digital Nomad Hero

Are you stuck in the same routine every day, week, month? Are you ready to make a commitment to follow the dream?

Building an entirely new lifestyle can be really scary. When is the last time you picked up everything and moved your entire life to a new city, in a new country, in a new home, in a new life?

My guess is likely not recently. . . or even in this lifetime. 

You need support.

You need a guide.

You need us.

We need you!

Week 1: Manifestation Station


Who are you?

This is your first step in the journey to becoming a One Way Nomad. Consider this our first 'date' - I want to know what makes you tick. What excites you about becoming a digital nomad? Where have you traveled? Tell me about your experiences. We will briefly dive into your horoscope to understand what was happening in the cosmos when you were born. We will diagnose your personality, work ethic, relationship to money, and which career path you were destined to follow. Everything was already planned for you the minute you entered this world. So let's do a deep dive into your psyche.

Week 2: Building Your Resume


What have you experienced in this lifetime?

Your resume is an invitiation into your past, present and future experiences. The resume is one of the most important pieces of material to showcase your uniqueness. You have one chance with one sheet of paper to entice your new company to choose you! We will review your current resume and how we can jazz it up to make you sound like the perfect fit for that role!

Week 3: Company Analysis


What kind of company do I want to work for?

Finding a company that fits your values, expertise, and desire for growth is essential. You are going to be in a relationship with your new company and likely spending a majority of your week within this company. We will look at the company from a bird's eye view. We will search and analyze the company's mission statement, leadership, and other factors that will effect your time, growth and development within the company

Week 4: Cover Letter Creation


Did your know your cover letter can be even more important than your resume?

The cover letter creation is your chance to go the extra step to explain to your new company why you are fit for the role that you are applying for. On average human reources representative only take 8-10 seconds to review your resume, but your cover letter is your plea to convince the company an hiring manager that YOU ARE IT! We will build a cover letter that uses the company's lingo, values, and mission to get that next important step - the first date or some call it an interview.

Week 5: Sell Yourself!


Why you?

You are perfect for the job, but why you? The art of storytelling in the same story that we are going to building about you, your life, your personality, your experience, and your uinqueness. We will build the perfect pitch that will showcase all of the best parts of you. We will do a deep dive into your own self-worth and how we can use your personality to your advantage. Sometimes we are only given 1 minute to sell ourselves and we need to utilize all 60-seconds of that time to truly wow your audience.

Week 6: Interview Prepartion


How are you going to plan for the first date?

Planning for the interview is much more than just showing up and dazzling your new employer. We are going to dissect keywords from the company's website. We are going to know the CEO, the hiring manager, and the team that you will be joining. We are going to work on metaphysical techniques that will strengthen our confidence on the call, and we will show this new company that this role was made for you. You have arrived.

Week 7: Digital Nomading 101


Where will you go once you nail the internterview?

While we patiently for the final answer, we will discuss your next steps to becoming a Digital Nomad. We will go over the basics of the digital nomad lifestyle, financing, community building, and more. We will discuss favorable cities for new nomads and the steps that will need to be taken to transition from remote worker to digital nomad. This week is one of th emost exciting and we can help you plan your first week as a Digital Nomad

Week 8: Post Interview Feedback


Did you show them what you are made of?

Let's assess the interview.  What went well? What can we do better next time? Did you feel confident? How did we feel about the hiring manager? What are the next steps? Did we send a post interview email? How can we do better next time? All these questions will give us the answers to whether this is the right career for us or if we should try again.

Week 9: Celebration!


You got the job!?

You did it! You got the job and now it is time to celebrate. You are now a remote worker and you now have the freedom to become location independent. Where will you go next?

Still searching!?

You did it! You may not have the job yet, but you are fully aware of what is most important to you when choosing a company, selling yourself, and assessing your needs. 

Let's Start Your Journey

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