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Remote Working
Laptop on the Beach

Step 1

Deciding to Become a Nomad

Being a nomad is a lifestyle choice. Embarking on the journey of becoming a digital nomad can be scary. There will be major obstacles when choosing this complex lifestyle, but the outcome is learning to OWN your journey.


Gaining Digital Employment

Your skills are marketable in the digital world. Hard skills like coding, researching, editing, writing are equally as marketable as soft skills like coaching, chatting, relationship-building, and more. It is likely that you have developed a skill that a company is seeking to fill in the digital world. Marketing your skills will lead you into the path toe becoming a digital nomad.

Image by Chris Montgomery
Working at the Beach


Location Independence

Becoming a nomad is wonderful, but when your career gives you the freedom to work digitally - you achieve something event great: LOCATION INDEPENDENCE. The freedom to live ANYWHERE in the world (with internet, of course). But the opportunities are limitless. You can become a global citizen.


Living your OWN lifestyle

Making friends is tough, but finding expat friends in a foreign country is very achievable because they all have the same open mindset as you. They like to learn new tricks like taking salsa classes, immersive language meetups, testing out local cuisine, and enjoying weekend trips across your new home country. You will find a community of people who live the same lifestyle as you!

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