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5 Digital Nomad Jobs with No Experience (+1 BONUS Job)

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Becoming a Digital Nomad can sound really demanding if you have never held an online position. Finding a remote job is 100% achievable - period. It is likely that you have developed both hard skills and soft skills through your life that can be easily translated into a remote career. Here are some of the best jobs to hold as a digital nomad with little to no experience.

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are in extremely high demand right now for companies all over the world. Passing off small administrative tasks to a temporary virtual assistants can give companies, CEOs, and full-time employees more time to focus on their own tasks and workload.

Some basic tasks of virtual assistants can range from scheduling appointments, answering emails, arranging travel, managing calendars, and more.

There are agencies dedicated to hiring virtual assistants or you can always create your own webpage, Upwork profile, or other online career profile.

Services offered by virtual assistants can range from 2 - 40 hours per week and can earn anywhere from $10 - $75 per hour for their services.

2. Writing

In order for companies to be seen in the worldwide web, they need writers. This type of writing can range anywhere from copywriting, technical writing (to create blog posts that will boost search engine visibility), ghost writing (for short stories and novels), and other writing gigs for a wide variety of topics.

Topics can range across all industries from travel and leisure to technical business writing or you can even create blogs about digital nomads learning how to find a remote job with little to no experience. ;D

Writers can make anywhere from $30 - $150 per hour based on expertise, speed of completion, and style of writing. If you are interested in writing, I would highly recommend learning about keywords and SEO (search engine optimization) - this is a great feature to boost the writing samples for your clients.

3. Social Media Manager

If you enjoy managing your social media profile, why not get paid to manage someone else's profile as well? If you can show a company your ability to consistently create great content, engage an audience, and offer some light marketing strategy, why not get paid for it?

A social media manager could be responsible for email marketing, managing Pinterest or Instagram accounts, creating effective Facebook ads, tweeting upcoming events, and/or using trending sounds and music onTiktok.

Social media managers can earn anywhere from $10 - $75 per hour. There are also social media managers who will create packages that include 'x' number of posts, 'x' number of hours of audience engagement, or packages that show off your ability to master certain platforms.

4. Teaching English

Is English your first language? Speaking English is an essential language to comprehend and speak across the globe. Private tutoring is highly desired by countries like China, Japan, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico to name a few. Therefore, you are at a huge advantage by being raised with this powerful universal language.

There are plenty of companies that offer English-teaching positions online including, but not limited to: VIPKid, DaDa, Skooli, QKids, iTutorGroup, Gogokid and many more.

Most English teachers are paid between $10 – $25 per hour based on experience.

Each company has its own set of requirements for its teachers. Some companies require a bachelor's degree, while other are satisfied with a TEFL certificate which can be completed in 120 hours.

Obtaining your TEFL Certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate) has never been easier. I personally received my TEFL certificate even as a native English speaker and I really learned a lot more about the fundamentals of teaching and lesson planning.

5. Transcription

Becoming a transcriptionist is easy and requires very little experience other than listening and typing.

Transcriptionists typically listen to audio clips that have been produced by a company and they will type what is heard - it's that easy. These clips can range from a few minutes to a few hours.

Transcriptionists can make anywhere from $20 - $60 per hour depending on whether you are hired by the company directly, offering your services through a third-party website or you decide to freelance your own services.

BONUS: Freelance

In order to maintain a digital lifestyle, nomads have tapped into many different talents and have learned how to market and promote them. It is likely that you have some skills in your deck that can be marketed.

Freelancers offer their services to a multitude of different companies. These jobs can range from jobs that can take a few hours up to projects that could take a few months or years. These skills can vary from software development, writers, web designers, photographers or even just being a friend. (I saw a posting for an individual willing to listen to complaints for $5 per hour on Fiverr.)

You can use websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or other marketplaces that will help you market your skills and put them in front of the screens of companies that need a quick task completed.

The beauty of freelancing is that you can charge ANYTHING you want. You can charge by the hour, by the project, or whatever number helps you pay your bills every month.

Digital Nomads all over the world are learning how to market their skills, pick up new skills, and do anything to help them maintain location independence. To simplify, what type of tasks can you start marketing tomorrow that will help you earn an extra $5?

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