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8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Become a Digital Nomad

Although the lifestyle of a Digital Nomad sounds like a dream, this may not be the right fit for everyone. If you feel that you identify with more than 3 of these items below, you may want to re-consider embarking on this unconventional experience.

1. Goodbyes are hard for you.

The lifestyle of a Digital Nomad requires fast-track networking and building solid connections quickly. These connections will typically be brief but highly fulfilling. Digital Nomads are one of the unique types of people to meet - they know how to seize the small moments that are available to them with new people. It is not uncommon to have a ‘going-away’ dinner and a new friend welcome drink scheduled in the same week. So if you consider yourself an emotional person unable to handle saying ‘goodbye’ often, you may want to re-think this experience.

2. You are easily distracted.

Digital Nomads can maintain this unique lifestyle due to their ability to maintain a work-life balance fueled by a strong sense of discipline. Getting caught up in the fast lane is tempting, but priorities must be set and maintained. There are temptations to go out and skip work for a boat party, but it takes resilience and commitment to your career. Therefore, accepting the fear of mission out is a necessary part of who you are.

3. You become homesick quickly.

We all experience homesickness from time to time, but Digital Nomads have been able to build relationships within their new digital community. The idea of homesickness stems from a lack of time spent with family and friends, a consistent routine, and comfortability. This lifestyle may be challenging if you find homesickness part of your identity.

4. You need a consistent office space to be productive.

Nowadays, high-speed internet access is guaranteed all over the globe, granting individuals the opportunity to work from anywhere. You may work from a kitchen table, cafe, or maybe a chair on the beach. This home office setting may not be the ideal situation for you to be the most productive. Beach chairs offer minimal back support, coffee shops may not have the best internet access, or you may have forgotten your cable at home. If you need an office setting, you can consider a coworking space or remain in your stable home office.

5. You require high-speed & reliable internet.

Although we wish for the internet to function consistently at high speeds, this may not be the case in some other countries. It is not uncommon for the internet to lack the same upload and download speeds as North America, which can compromise phone calls, video calls, and overall workflow. If you are someone who requires fast internet for your position, you must remain patient and adaptable in these types of situations. It is always a great idea to check the internet speeds before you arrive or coordinate a Plan B like a mobile hotspot.

6. You desire long-term relationships.

If you are the type of person who takes time to warm up to new people or desires longevity in relationships, then being a Digital Nomad may be challenging. This lifestyle of constantly moving and changing can challenge relationships. We can learn to maintain friendships through video calls and text messages; however, maintaining present awareness of your new friends in your new city might take up your time.

7. Your company has strict privacy policies.

Adhering to technical privacy issues of your company may not allow specific tasks outside your home country. Your company’s server can block you if you log in from a different country. If you are in a career related to privacy issues for clients, you may find yourself in trouble if others around you can hear your conversation. Always check with your employer before leaving the country - this is necessary.

8. You are afraid of change.

If you are afraid of taking a leap, meeting new people, exploring new countries, testing new foods and languages, or the unknown - you will NOT enjoy this lifestyle. It truly does take a particular type of person to appreciate this lifestyle. Digital Nomads know that being adaptable, fearless, and expecting the unknown are significant factors to succeeding in this lifestyle. This lifestyle is not for everyone, but for remote workers willing to take the leap - this may be the best decision you have ever made.

Do you have what it takes to become a Digital Nomad?

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