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About the Role

Want To Write Content For Some Of The Best Marketers, Copywriters, and Offer Owners On The Planet?

Are you tired of working for too many clients (who wouldn’t know good content if it slapped 'em in the face)?

Do you want to be a part of an elite team of marketers who are breaking records and leaving the competition in the dust?

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and work deep in the trenches with experienced 9-figure-writers like Evaldo Albuquerque, Chris Haddad, Andrew Contreras and Julian Reyes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this could be the opportunity of your career… one that you’ll look back on as the tipping point that single handedly accelerated you beyond what you previously thought possible.

We are a lean, yet world-class unit of copywriters, media buyers, and offer creators. And we’re looking for a talented, hungry Freelance Content Writer to help write content for our growing lists of customers.

In this role, you would write content for our portfolio of offers in various markets, including: dating, men’s health, survival, Christianity, health supplements, financial and any other market we choose to disrupt.

But more importantly, you'll get uncensored feedback about your writing – something that's critical if you want to become the best writer you can be.

As a Freelance Content Writer, you'll not only get paid well for your writing, you'll also get access to Red Hot's Creative Team Meetings... a private mastermind of our top writers and special guests teachers like Evaldo Albuquerque, Chris Haddad, Jon Benson, David Deutsch, Parris Lampropoulos... as well as other world class writers, marketers and business owners.

Inside Red Hot's Freelance Writing Program you'll get access to...

*Consistent work: 5-10+ pieces per week...
*Premium pay (we know good content when we see it. And we're not afraid to pay for it...)
*Uncensored (and often brutal) feedback about your writing (Warning: if you can't handle constructive criticism THIS isn't for you)
*The opportunity to write content for various markets: finance, survival, health, and Christianity to name a few...
*Proprietary creative and productivity hacks we've developed in house (NO you won't read about these on any copywriting FB group or forum)...
*An elite team of marketers, content writers, and copywriters that behind some of the biggest offers scaling on cold traffic...
Plus, if you're selected as our next Freelance Content Writer, and you prove your worth... you could earn a "seat at the table" on our Creative Team – something earned by few... but coveted by many.

Qualities That Will Help You Stand Apart From The Rest...
*You MUST be a researcher and problem solver – you must be smart!
*Growing knowledge of Direct Response Marketing.
*You have a hands-on approach and open mind – no task is too small; no deadline is too tight.
*You're a voracious consumer of information.
*Good thinker and writer with great story-telling ability.
*Passion for creating original content and unique marketing offers through collaboration with a creative team of designers and marketers.
*Understand the powerful role messaging can play in successful brand awareness and an engaging purchase experience.
*Willingness to change up your strategy at a moment’s notice (be water, my friend)
*Willingness to take feedback/criticism and use it to optimize your skills
*Not be lazy… it takes hard work and consistent dedication to be on our team.
*A desire to become the best writer you can be… no, better.

Warning This Position IS NOT For You If:
*You want a "comfy corporate job" with no pressure - Our team is the Navy Seals of Direct Response. That means there's no room for red tape, corporate BS or laziness. If that's the type of environment you thrive in, then do us all a favor and don't apply.
*You have a delicate ego, can’t handle criticism, or you think you know it all. Everyone on the team is a work in progress – and realizes that in order to become better at what they do, they must be open to constructive criticism. So if that’s not something you’re comfortable with, then this opportunity isn’t for you.

Still Interested?
If you're still reading it might mean you're up for the challenge. The next step? Apply for an interview. Good luck!

Andrew Contreras
CEO, Red Hot Marketing LLC

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