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My name is Meesh and I am the Founder of One Way Nomad. I built this community to help people like you achieve the dream lifestyle. It has been quite a long journey across the globe and it is people like YOU who inspired me to pay it forward. I am living in my dream and I want to help you live in yours too!

Our Story

Meesh was 22 years old when she earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and a dream to pursue research in The Effects of Motherhood on Incarcerated Mothers (2014) (link to come in case you are interested). But after heartbreak in her final year of university, she decided to do something bold: she was going to travel to the furthest destination from her little home in rural Massachusetts. While looking at a map in her college dorm room, she saw that the furthest place from home would be a little island in the South Pacific Ocean called New Zealand. She was 4 months away from graduating and she told her parents that she will be moving to the furthest place from home for 1 year. Although her parents did not love the idea (they had both never left the US before), they knew that she had inherited two very important traits to make this happen: 1. stubbornness and 2. determination.


After 8 long years of traveling, Meesh accomplished 30 countries before age 30. She has held jobs in 7 different countries ranging from Au Pair, Tour Guide, English Teacher, Housekeeping Attendant, Travel Agent, Tour Consultant, Virtual Events Coordinator, and now a Business Owner. She has led the crusade across multiple countries to help dreamers learn that the digital nomad lifestyle is both attainable and highly desired. 

Since the start of her journey in 2014, Meesh has been building connections with tour operators, real estate agents, Airbnb hosts, host families, language teachers, dance instructors, shamans, and locals from all around the world. This is why One Way Nomad is able to provide so many helpful resources across the globe.

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