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One Way Nomad (n.)
     ˈwən-ˈwā\ ˈnō-ˌmad

1. a member of a people who have no fixed residence but move from place to place with the financial support of a remote career
// He finally made his dreams come true by becoming a one way nomad by securing his dream job and traveling the world

Are you ready to secure a remote career on your way to location independence?

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Securing a Remote Career in 9-Weeks


Week One Success for Digital Nomads


One Way Nomad Mentors for Digital Nomad Community

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How Do I Become a Digital Nomad?

Are you ready to learn how to make this big leap?

This life is possible for YOU! 

What does it take to make this happen?

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Why Us?

We are a group of digital nomads, travelers, and wanderers who have been where you are today. We all had a dream to work remotely and travel the world. We wish we had these types of resources when we first started our journey. We would have saved A LOT of time and energy, rather than worrying about how we are going to make this life a reality.

5-Steps to Becoming a Remote Worker

Step 1: Desire to Have a Remote Career


Are you ready for a remote career?

Yes, you are! You made it to this page, therefore step 1 is already complete and you are well on your way to becoming a digital nomad. 

Step 2: Who Are You?


Did you know that you were BORN with a unique set of skills?

Isn't it about time you find a career that aligns with your values, innate skills, and passion? From the day you were born your personality, work ethic, morals, and talents were destined to follow a certain path in life - your true mission.


We will take this step to diagnose who YOU are!


We will find the company and position that aligns with your purpose, strengths, and attitude towards work, colleagues, and environment. And most importantly, a job that grants you the financial security to build the digital lifestyle that you have been craving. 

Step 3: Building Your Professional Profile


How do you build a professional profile as a remote worker?

We need to assemble all of your skills, experiences, unique traits, and special talents in order to build a flashy professional avatar. Beyond your previous job titles, you have also completed a big list of goals, tasks, and unique experiences. We will work together to build resumes, cover letters, emails, and supporting documents that will help you show off that flashy professional profile. 

Step 4: Selling Your Value!


Do you know how valuable you are? Can you sell yourself to me?

Learning how to sell your value as a worker is a key component of building your professional profile.

The first point of sale is finding the company best for you. You have a unique personality and we want to find a company that fulfills your desires as a remote worker.

The second point of sale is your resume and cover letter. These important documents will be your first invitation to give the company of full profile of your personality, experiences, and unique talents. 

The third point of sale is your interview - this includes pre-interview and post-interview checks in order to set yourself up for success. 

The final point of sale is your manifestation victory dance. While you wait patiently for your company to send that offer letter, we will work with the divine manifestation powers to start planning the perfect way to celebrate your new career.

Step 5: Becoming a Digital Nomad

Now that you have your remote career, where do you want to flex this new location independence?

Now that you have your remote career, let's discuss the ways you can become a Digital Nomad. We will briefly discuss the lifestyle changes required to transition from Remote Worker to Digital Nomad,  how to integrate yourself into a new country and culture, and financing as a Digital Nomad. As a member of the One Way Nomad Coaching program, you will earn a discounted rate to on the One Week Nomad Package. In this package, we will offer a customized package to include your accommodations, networking activities, classes, and a connection call with your One Way Mentor. 

Click here for more details of the  One Week Nomad Package

Coaching Program For Aspiring Remote Workers

9- Week Program For Your Remote Worker to Digital Nomad Journey

Access the 9-week personalized coaching program

  • Weekly 60-min intensive private coaching calls to guide you on your digital nomad journey and create a solid action plan to build a successful remote career.

  • Review & analysis of current situation lifestyle

  • In-depth career astrology and natal birth chart analysis  

  • 9-Week Comprehensive Workbook

  • Weekly Assignments with Actional Takeaways

  • Access to Private FB Group with Daily Job Postings 

  • Monthly Mindset Book Club

  • Online Group Coworking Session

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

Weekly 60-min intensive private coaching calls with your mentor 

Live intention and goal-setting sessions weekly to help you set up your priorities and actionable tasks.


Review & analysis of current situation lifestyle 

Deep dive into your personal lifestyle and how we can make the proper adjustments to build the new life of a digital nomad!


Astrological Career Analysis  

In-depth analysis of your birth chart to determine which type of career will align with your purpose and personality

9-Week Comprehensive Workbook (With Actionable Steps) 

Full ebook with details and actionable activities to complete over the course of 9 weeks. Just released an 8-module online course to help you transition from the 9-5 and build you dream remote career.


Monthly Mindset Book Club 

The greatest gift you can give to yourself is knowledge. We have a selection of books that will challenge our fixed mindset and build a greater existence. (Think ‘The Alchemist’ by Paola Coelho or ‘The Greatest Salesman of All Time’ by Og Mandino)


Online Group Coworking Session (Priceless)

Live session where we get work done to further our goals of becoming digital nomads. Also a great way to connect with like-minded people.


Access to Private Facebook Group (with Daily Job Postings) 

24/7 access to a group of like-minded aspiring nomads where you can ask questions, share wins, and get extra support!

Are You READY to Transform Your Life?

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